Dear readers,

It is with some sadness that I announce this issue will be the last for our editor, Jessica Franchuk. 

It is a good move for her. She and her husband have a family business and she will be working there. We are parting on good terms and I would not be shocked if she occasionally appeared in some capacity in Metal Roofing Magazine or our other magazines in the future.

We are sorry to see her go and say thank you for sharing this adventure for a year and a half.

Transitions, whether beginnings or endings, always cause a degree of reflection. The last year has been full of transitions and uncertainty, and enough reflection that I feel like a mirror. So it is time to look ahead.

We are launching our new websites. The websites will be unique for each magazine and have some new features.

The most exciting is we are posting the issues in a web- and device-friendly format. The issues will still be available in full, as a PDF. They will also be posted as a web page, with links from an issue index.

This provides two major benefits.

Number one, you will be able to read the articles on a phone without losing your sanity. They are not the little flip books that pretend to be a physical magazine. The articles and pictures will scroll like a website.

Number two, the articles are all searchable. You could search by topic, builder, or manufacturer. If you search for fastener, the articles featuring fasteners will actually appear.

With these big changes in the works, please be patient! We are adding back issues as we are able, but all newly uploaded issues are searchable.

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon.

To quote a bumper sticker, “Enough looking back, you aren’t going that way.”

Gary Reichert, Publisher

[email protected]