Shield Wall Media, publisher of Rollforming Magazine and owner of the Construction Rollforming Show, is proud to announce that a website devoted exclusively to the roll-forming industry is up and running! The launch in early May of is part of ongoing changes we’re making to bring information relevant to the everyday challenges of construction rollformers front and center.

“The launch of the new Rollforming website is the first step in an exciting new direction for Shield Wall Media. Growing our digital presence in the specific niches related to our individual magazines will open many doors. In addition to growing our newsletter and digital subscriber lists, it will create a mechanism for us to generate data and conduct market research. This has been painfully lacking in our little corner of the construction industry. Some of the information will remain proprietary, but my intent is to make the majority freely available to our readers and advertisers. Accurate information is one of the keys to helping our industry out-compete other building sectors. Wait until you see what’s next,” said Gary Reichert, Owner and Publisher of Shield Wall Media.

“Since launching Rollforming Magazine in 2018, one of our ultimate goals was to create a website that was equally devoted to construction rollformers. Once sharing a website with other construction titles in our company, the new website stands alone to give undivided attention to the unique goals and challenges of the industry. It’s a great time for the roll-forming industry, and on, we wish to bring you the information you need to operate successfully,” said Sharon Thatcher, Managing Editor of Rollforming Magazine.

The website has been streamlined to be straightforward and user-friendly on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers, so you can access helpful information anywhere you go. Search articles from each issue of Rollforming Magazine and browse by category from a convenient drop-down menu or through populated sections on the home page. Users will find articles about Equipment Management, Market Trends, Businesses Management, and Products and Purchasing, to name just a few. Years of compiled wisdom are at your fingertips 24/7 in one easily searchable website. No more pages of confusing tabs where you can’t find what you’re looking for!

Articles can also be browsed by issue, or you can download the full PDF files of our back issues (for free!) to experience the magazines from cover to cover. There are already so many ways for construction roll-forming professionals to source the information they need on As we continue to grow, we hope the website can facilitate more connectivity to each other and the roll-forming community.