Partners are Prepared for a Rainy Day

By Linda Schmid

Making Construction Better

In 1961, Robert E. Simpson, an entrepreneur with an engineering background, saw a need for a product that would keep underground pipes contaminant-free, and he developed one. Mineral Fiber Manufacturing (later changed to MFM Building Products) began manufacturing pipe wrap for below-grade applications. The pipe wrap was composed of an asphalt-saturated felt that had excellent waterproofing properties. 

Building upon this experience and success, the company expanded this technology to develop self-adhering (self-stick) waterproofing products. Mr. Simpson was an innovator in the industry, receiving several patents throughout the years as the company’s product line grew. 

What started as a single product grew throughout the ’80s and ’90s. In 1997, the company’s website touted five products. Today, the company boasts more than 30 different brands of waterproofing products for every application from the rooftop to the foundation.

Self-adhering waterproofing products are the company’s niche and specialty. Each product uses a rubberized asphalt adhesive system which offers excellent waterproofing properties and is compatible with most building materials. The other advantage is these products are also self-sealing around construction fasteners to maintain a complete waterproof barrier.

MFM products are self-sealing around construction fasteners to maintain a complete waterproof barrier.

In 2014, the company patented a specialty PowerBond® adhesive system which aggressively adheres to the substrate and can be used in low-temperature installations down to 25°F. This two-part adhesive also remains stable at elevated temperatures unlike other products on the market. The adhesive system has been incorporated into a number of key products.

Catering to the Customer

Putting the customer first has always been the philosophy of MFM. The company’s minimum order quantity on stocked items is only a single carton. They encourage customers to mix and match products on a pallet or on truckload orders. By offering a complete envelope of solutions, customers can benefit by ordering all their waterproofing products from a single source. No order is too big or too small.

The company sells their products through distribution only, primarily in North America, but also internationally. All products are manufactured and shipped from Coshocton, Ohio.

Signature Product

Peel and Seal® is the signature product according to David Delcoma, Operations Manager. He said they are the most versatile membranes they offer. It was the first patented low-slope roll roofing membrane on the market. There are hundreds of applications for the product because it is designed to be left exposed to the elements indefinitely. Used primarily as a low-slope roofing membrane, the company also provides different slit sizes for flashing applications. It can be used on farm buildings, garages, sunrooms, commercial buildings, sheds, garages, trailers, RVs, mobile homes, or any roofs with a slight slope. It is also excellent as flashing around chimneys, vents gutters, exterior penetrations or any hard to waterproof area. 


MFM is a small company with a family-like feeling Delcoma said. They enjoy lots of employee events, family events and barbeques. They are located in a relatively isolated area, so when a new person joins the team, someone usually knows them. The team is comfortable together; they work well together. They extend that family feeling to customers through their focus on service. 

“We help customers in any way we can,” Delcoma said. “From our quality control standards on the line to our independent sales team out on the road, every employee knows the customer is #1. We look for consistency in all of their products so that our customers do not have to deal with calls from their customers about callbacks and leaky roofs. Our products are designed to offer our customers peace of mind.”

In 2017, the company became a 100% employee-owned ESOP company. This has further strengthened our culture because our employees have an ownership stake in the company. There is a different mindset when you become an employee-owner.

Business Climate

Delcoma sees the construction industry turning more and more to green practices as it moves ahead. There is an emphasis on limiting carbon emissions and on recycling. Customers seem to be more conscious of the environmental impact of products used in construction. 

MFM’s response will be to continue looking at different technologies and systems to lower their environmental impact. They are always looking for better processes. Several recent examples have been replacing all the lighting to LED technology to significantly reduce our energy consumption. The company has also installed a closed-looped chilling system, which dramatically decreased the amount of water used to cool our production lines.

MFM plans to continue growing through the introduction of new products. “Our R&D team is always looking for different ways to make new products or innovations to make our existing products perform even better. We will grow in our niche to better serve the construction industry,” Delcoma said. “That’s what we do.” MR