As of writing this, the first CSI-Annual & Market Report is sending to the printer. Because of the timing the Annual may be included with this issue.

July 2 will be the fifth Anniversary of our acquiring the “Construction Division” from the previous owner, F+W Media. In that time, we have expanded into multiple related markets. These include roll forming, sheds and portable buildings, and cold-formed metal. Adding these to the audiences from our legacy magazines, there seemed to be one frustrating point spread across the markets: a lack of actionable data.

We were asked to participate in market surveys by sharing our lists. At that time, the combined subscription list for our magazines was almost 60,000. Performing the due diligence revealed that some of the surveys had contact lists of under 100 people. Not 100 responses, but under 100 people on the list to receive the survey. Our experience told us there had to be a better way.

We experience about a 6% completion rate for the recipients of the survey; naturally, the more the better. Our surveys are still growing, and we are refining our best practices regarding survey content and generating responses.

This year we received 302 responses to our survey. That’s not earth shattering, but enough to generate data with a reasonable confidence level.

Typically, market reports are sold as proprietary and cost recipients several hundred to several thousand dollars. We are providing it to all our subscribers free of charge.

If you see value in data for our markets and use this information in any way, please help us improve for the 2025 CSI Annual. There are a few simple things you can do:

First and foremost, take the survey. The more responses we have the more complete the data. The 2024 Annual is admittedly weaker in some geographic regions and some market segments. More responses solve this concern.

Second, tell people and share this information. The more people who know about this, the more people can benefit from the information and take the survey. We are publishing and distributing the report free to subscribers so the information can be shared and help grow our corner of the construction industry.

Third, suggest topic areas or questions we should add to the survey. My email and phone number are all over our publications and I appreciate feedback.

Last, but certainly not least, consider sponsoring a section. If you look at the metrics (cost per thousand) this is the most cost-effective product we have to reach our audience. 

Collecting, curating, printing, and distributing the data is expensive. I personally want to express sincere gratitude to the sponsors who helped us make this possible and our advertisers. Without your support, we could not make this type of investment in the industries we all serve. 

Thank you for your confidence and support as we continue to grow and support our industries. MR

If you like the CSI columns or find the information useful, help us help you. 

Please complete the Shield Wall Media construction industry survey and share it with your colleagues. A larger survey sample generates more reliable data.