Nestled among Daniel Island, South Carolina’s ocean inlet waterways, salt marshes and moss-strung oak trees is this stunning coastal home from Shelter Custom-Built Living and Boyd Architects. Completed in Fall 2023, the project team chose to cover the contemporary residence in a metal roof, citing its ability to complement the intended design aesthetic and provide enhanced durability (key in a coastal location). 

Local fabricator Jet Metals roll-formed the coils purchased from national metal roofing supplier Drexel Metals into the DMC 175S profile, which was installed across the high-pitched section of the roof. The DMC 175S profile, which utilizes a snap-lock installation and free-floating clips is known for its distinctive 1¾” seam height and weathertight integrity. The metal panels were finished in Weathered Zinc, a metallic stormy-gray color, to help the project team keep the desired architectural color palette across each of the home’s design elements. 

Jet Metals roll-formed the remaining coils into the DMC 100SS profile, which was installed across the flat section of the roof directly above the home’s outdoor living space. This mechanically seamed metal roof system adds architectural appeal and all-around performance in any type of coastal weather. The metal panels were also finished in Weathered Zinc for design cohesiveness.


Boyd Architects


Shelter Custom-Built Living

Roofing System Manufacturer:

Jet Metals

Roof Panels:

Drexel Metals aluminum, DMC 175S snap lock and DMC 100SS mechanically seamed, 18” w


Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, Kynar, Weathered Zinc


Free-floating clips