This job could have been a disaster. After talking to the customer to find out what they wanted, we went to work. Soon we found out that instead of being on 4’ centers like we were told, the framing was on 27” centers, so when we were putting on the decking, we lost 13” per sheet. That ended up adding about 50 sheets of plywood to the job. The home owner was very understanding and we kept going.

After losing a day, Roof Nurse was able to keep the job moving forward with the help of Best Buy Metals. Both Nicole Harris and Jerry Chambers at the Cleveland facility were able to make magic happen and to get coils delivered to get it all back on track. With the delivery of the new coils the installation went forward without any issues.


Roof Nurse


Tony Shrum – Roof Nurse

Roofing System Manufacturer:

Best Buy Metals

Roof Panels:

Best Buy Metals Titan Loc 100


Best Buy Metals Charcoal


Atlas #10 x 1.5 Wood Screws, Charcoal

Stainless Steel Pop Rivets, Charcoal

Levi’s Screws & Nails


Polyglass Polystick TU Plus; Summit 60; Tech Wrap 


Solar Seal, Charcoal;
Butyl Tape