This APEX Roofing metal roof replacement took place in Harker Heights, Texas. As part of the make-ready process to get the house ready to go on the market, the owner felt a beautiful new metal roof would ensure that the sale would bring top dollar.

The 6,000 sq. ft. home was a diamond in the rough in need of some updated curb appeal. The dark bronze Berringer roof definitely provides a bold statement, along with improved durability against the harsh storms that had badly damaged the previous roof.

Apex Roofing completed the job in just four days by breaking the metal onsite, despite the challenges of a low slope. Installation expertise prompted the team to add winter guard underlayment, and to move from the previous non-striated to striated metal to further protect against regional climate conditions.

“We had an opportunity to make a beautiful home even more beautiful, and I believe we succeeded,” said Adam Murrell, General Manager.


DG Roofing


APEX Roofing

roof size:

65 Squares

Roofing System Manufacturer: 

Sheffield Metal

Roof Panels: 

16” Striated Snap-Lock


Kynar 500


1 1/4” acrylic coated


High-Temperature Ice & Water


MasterSeal NP1