Welcome to the first issues of a brand-new year!

The first issues of the year traditionally feature State of the Industry articles. For these articles we survey our readers, our advertisers and interview key personnel in our industry. The goal is to review the events of the previous year and anticipate the changes coming up. We typically stay general because it is the future; we can guess, but in reality, no one knows.

For a decision maker or business owner, good business intelligence and data is critical for planning. The ability to anticipate and manage upside and downside risks allows you to survive tough times and prosper in good times. The question is always: “Where do I get this information?”

You have several resources; news, data services and trade associations all conduct market research and attempt to measure trends. In this environment, we want to be your resource. We see one of our growth areas as data generation. We are in a unique position to measure our industry. In November we passed 100,000 subscriptions. No association or market data company has that potential sample size. (There are other factors, but sample size is a major factor deciding validity of the information collected.) 

One of the things we use as a resource for the articles are current and previous surveys. Help us help you survive and prosper.

Please complete and respond to our surveys. The information you provide is anonymous and will not divulge any proprietary information to your competitors. We will continue to share the information we collect, free of charge, to our readers. 

I would also like to know what questions you would like us to ask. If you have a question, chances are you are not alone among our 100,000 subscribers. This goes back to our phrase of the day: Help us help you.

Starting in 2022, Shield Wall Media wants to be your resource for industry trends and data.

Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022.

Gary Reichert, Publisher

[email protected]