Surpassing 100,000 cuts on your tinner snips deserves a lifetime achievement award. All you need is a pair of snips that can actually make it that long. Crescent Wiss has you covered with a new lineup of Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips, designed for maximum cut life and minimal force-to-cut ratio. The team at Crescent tackled common pain points to make Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips the most comfortable, most durable snips available.

The new Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips are available in eight different styles, seven of which feature drop-forged steel blades that provide strength, durability, and cutting performance with precision-ground cutting edges. A through-broached bolt allows for a cut life more than three times the ASME specification. Optimized handles allow for a comfortable grip with maximum control with or without gloves.