Renovating and transforming a 70-year-old manufacturing facility into a contemporary office building with impressive amenities requires imagination, careful planning, and a lot of communication. The Cannon, an entrepreneurial hub in west Houston, called for more than 90,000 square feet of insulated metal panels (IMPs) from Metl-Span.

“We could have gone the conventional route with insulation and drywall, but we really wanted to maintain some of the original look of the building,” said Ken R. Harry, Principal at Abel Design Group. “With the insulated metal panels, we were able to leave the interior beams and columns exposed. Plus, we got the levels of insulation that were required for the roof and walls. It seemed like the logical way to go.” 

“Insulated metal panels are easy and quick to install,” said David Baldwin, Sales Manager at FSR Services. “The larger panels cover a lot of space in a single pass.”

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