By McElroy Metal

The Bricklayers Local 5 of Valley View, Ohio knew what it was getting into when purchasing a property with two existing buildings, both with failing asphalt shingle roofs. The union’s first order of business after acquiring the buildings was solving the roofing problem permanently. They selected McElroy Metal’s 138T symmetrical standing seam system and installed this on both buildings: one would become the union hall and the other would be occupied by tenants. “They wanted to install a roofing system that could deliver a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution for decades because the newly acquired property would eventually become the permanent location for their union hall,” says Scott Froelich, vice president of TEMA Roofing Services of Youngstown, Ohio. “They knew the benefits of a metal roofing system aligned best with their long-term goals. So, the Bricklayers were able to take advantage of our metal installation capabilities and our cost-saving, design-build services in order to address concerns for existing dormers on both buildings.” In regards to the dormers, TEMA worked with an architect to have designs stamped and certified to meet state building code requirements. In all, 10 dormers were removed from the two buildings, helping to tie in the new metal roofing system with a more sleek, seamless overall appearance. No underlayment meant cost savings. TEMA installed 13,500 square feet of roofing on one building and 15,100 square feet on the other. The installation included a special detail: one-piece welded stainless steel at dead valley transitions to ensure a weather-tight system. 

Roofing Panels: McElroy Metal 138T symmetrical standing seam metal-over-shingle recover system, 16”, 24 ga.
Coating: Sherwin-Williams Fluropon PVDF, Medium Bronze
Installer: TEMA Roofing Services, Youngstown, Ohio
Snow Management: S-5! ColorGard, 2” strips, Medium Bronze
Special Detail: One-piece welded stainless steel at dead valley transitions


Post frame, Roll forming, Metal forming, Sheds, Agricultural construction, Metal panel, Steel Buildings

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