Titanium Is Tough Under Metal

Titanium® Synthetic and Self-Adhered Underlayment is the premium choice for protection that lasts.

Contractors trust Titanium® synthetic and self-adhered underlayment products for roofing projects that demand performance. Titanium offers roof deck protection from eave to peak. Choose one of the most preferred premium synthetic underlayment brands—and the ideal choice for metal roofing systems.  

Best Practice 

• Like an asphalt roof, when installing a metal roof, we recommend starting with a clean roof deck. Tearing down to the deck is important to help identify any unseen issues. 

• Picture framing: Best practice for installation would be to use our Titanium PSU30 along the eaves, rakes, and any penetrations, then use Titanium UDL30 or UDL50 on the remaining deck. 

Or, based on local codes, a Self-Adhered (SA) underlayment could be required at the eaves. We recommend that a SA product be used on the eaves, rakes, valleys, and penetrations. These are areas where a large amount of water can gather, and this method helps create peace of mind. The use of a synthetic underlayment can be used in the field of the roof.

Titanium Products

Exceptional Durability and Tear Resistance: Even small holes can lead to leaks. We tested the effects of heavy boot scuffing that can occur during installation. Only Titanium UDL30 maintained its strength and didn’t leak! This is important because the underlayment is the last line of defense on a roof deck.

UDL30 and UDL50 are tough and durable. From helping to dry the roof before the metal cladding arrives to resisting tears and scuffing from foot traffic and metal panels, they can hold up to the use and abuse of a metal roof install. 

Increased Walkability: The Sure-Foot® nodular walking surface creates a safe walking surface. Our Titanium PSU30 and UDL30/UDL50 all have the same pattern, which makes it easier to move around the roof deck without having to adjust to different surfaces.

The walking surface is the same between the manually adhered (MA) and SA products. This is unique in the market because most SA products have different walking surfaces versus MA products. Having the same Sure-Foot® nodular walking surface provides peace of mind for installers. They do not have to change how they walk as they transition between products, or fear that one product will perform differently under their feet. The nodular walking surface helps to provide great footing, both wet and dry.

High-Temp Performance: PSU30 is high temp rated and has a self-sealing lap system. This improves the bond between layers, greatly decreasing the risk of leaks.

Great products to use under asphalt, metal, and tile. ChooseTitanium.com

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