Malco Tools is a 70+ year leading solution developer and manufacturer of high-quality tools for the building construction trades that set the standard for efficiency and safety on the job.

Malco offers a wide range of versatile and built-tough tools for metal roofing, including a new portfolio of metal bending hand tools and power-assisted solutions, a new size of the bestselling C-RHEX® cleanable, reversible hex drivers and the award-winning Andy™ Offset Left Snips.

Innovative Metal Roofing Tools

Malco’s modular Metal Benders form 0°-100° bends on straight or curved panels of any length on the jobsite. Use them for bends on flashing, roofing details, standing seam and exposed fastener metal roofing. Available in both narrow bearing stance and wide bearing stance models, both variations pair with a connector for a modular experience to create a 2-Station configuration.

Additionally, 1-Station and 2-Station Disc Benders allow trade pros to finish custom straight or curved metal roofing details like open hems, and HVAC ductwork. Available in both large and small models.

According to internal testing, Malco’s Power Assisted Seamer is the fastest seaming machine on the market (max speed of 98 feet per minute), making it the perfect hand-held equipment for effortless seaming of 1” or 1.5” single and/or double mechanical lock standing-seam panels in one efficient operation.

The Power Assisted Cutters demo single or double mechanically locked standing-seam metal roofing panels, operated with a cordless drill from a standing position.

C-RHEX® 3/8” & 7/16”

The 3/8” & 7/16” C-RHEX® driver is the latest addition to Malco’s pro-favorite line of cleanable, reversible hex drivers. The new models offer trade professionals more options to quickly and easily install and remove fasteners commonly used on commercial sites.

C-RHEX drivers allows trade pros to quickly change between popular hex sizes while the driver shank remains installed in the drill chuck, and eliminate the troublesome buildup of sheet metal shavings with a quick swipe of a glove or towel. The new hex reversible sockets in the 3/8” and 7/16” sizes ensure trade pros have the right size without the need for additional tools.

Andy™ Offset Left Snips

Malco recently launched the Andy™ Aluminum Handled Offset Left Snips, which provide up to 60% faster cutting speeds and up to 45% longer cuts when operating one-handed for superior material flow and maneuverability, verified by internal testing.

These Andy snips are built with incredibly strong, lightweight aluminum for ease of use and durability, and the ergonomic offset handle provides a safer and more comfortable angle for cutting to reduce hand fatigue. 

Malco prides itself on product innovation and continually develops new solutions based on feedback from end-users in the field. 

For more information, visit www.malcotools.comMOH