By Reed’s Metals

One of the ways Reed’s Metals strives to make a difference in their community is each year, through the Covering the Community program, they donate a free metal roof to a family in need. 

Andrew Lindsey, General Manager of Reed’s Metals in Jackson, Tennessee, and his team worked with local teams and contractors to install a new roof for their 2021 Covering the Community Winner, Rocky Reeves. The total time of install was roughly 20 hours.


Product: Reed’s Metals Residential Panel, Cocoa Brown roof and trim, 29 ga.
Fasteners: Atlas Bolt & Screw
Ventilation: Ventco hip/ridge vented closures
Sealant: Novagard Sealant; Peel & Seal Hiptape, GSSI Butyl Tape, Dektite pipe boots
Installer Volunteers:
Tommy Roberts, Robert’s Construction
Zach Mitchell, 3M Builders
Marcus Mitchell, 3M Builders
Caleb (Bob) Mitchell, 3M Builders
Soloman Helgland, 3M Builders
Javen Stolltzfus, 3M Builders
Andy Colblentz, Luke Miller’s crew
Ted Colblentz, Luke Miller’s crew
AJ Plunk, Breaking Ground Construction
Jeremy Redfern, Breaking Ground Construction
Austin George, Breaking Ground Construction

Post frame, Roll forming, Metal forming, Sheds, Agricultural construction, Metal panel, Steel Buildings

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