Shield Wall Media is happy to announce the launch of its book series Pro Tips On. The first book, Pro Tips On: Your Metal Roof, is designed to enable readers to understand what they need and like so they end up with the quality result a long-term investment deserves. 

A group of industry experts have contributed their knowledge to help people have positive experiences. The major areas of consideration have been broken down into five themed sections: Metal Roofing Essentials, Climate, Facts, Factors, Fashion & Financing, Look Before You Leap& and an Inspirational Gallery full of gorgeous, quality completed-project images.

From metal types to solar panels to venting and warranty/contract topics this book covers it. A handy term glossary in the appendix is included to help customers communicate effectively with their contractor. By using this knowledge base, everyone will be able to have the same conversation.

Our coming affiliate program will allow contractors content customization options to personalize the book by including some of their own completed inspirational projects. More specific information is coming soon! To order your copy of this great new title to see how it benefits both you and your customers, visit

More exciting titles under development right now include: Pro Tips On: Your Carport, Pro Tips On: Your Post-Frame Home, Pro Tips On: Your Portable Shed, Pro Tips On: Your Green House, and Pro Tips On: Your Horse Barn.