Ohio-based building materials manufacturer and industry leader for over 40 years Isaiah Industries is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast series named Construction Disruption: Uncovering The Future Of Building And Remodelingwww.construction-disruption.com.

Hosted by Todd Miller, Isaiah Industries’ CEO and industry expert for over 40 years, Construction Disruption is a weekly program aimed at helping leaders in the design and construction fields understand where the $1.6 trillion North American construction industry has been and where it’s going. Released twice monthly, the podcast is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple, GoogleSpotifyAmazon Music and YouTube, as well as at www.construction-disruption.com

“Anyone in the construction or remodeling business knows how tenuous success can be, especially during times of uncertainty. Our goal is to help professionals explore new ways to stay ahead of the game and thrive in business,” said Miller. “Whether you’re new to the built industry or very experienced, it is always those who are in the know that set the trends, lead the way, and reap the benefits.”

Miller, alongside Co-Host Seth Heckaman, Isaiah Industries’ Sales Manager, will interview top experts and forward-thinkers in a conversation-like format that fosters fun and informative dialogue which tackles topics like practice, design trends, products and technology. Guests will also include experts from outside the construction industry who can shed light on trends and the process of change. The first five guests include:

·       Mark Mitchell, Building material guru and marketing expert 

·       Derek Hodgin: Structural engineer focused on forensic study of construction failures

·       Paula Parker, Alchemist and Consultant / thought leader on the subject of change

·       Dr. Jordan Clark, Assistant Professor in Sustainable Buildings, The Ohio State University

·       Evan Troxel, Well-known architect and host of the Archispeak podcast

About Construction Disruption – Hosted by Todd Miller, CEO of Isaiah Industries, “Construction Disruption Uncovering the Future of How We Build and Remodel” is a newly launched podcast series offering thoughtful insight, novel approaches, and fresh ideas affecting the current and future success of the construction industry. The series features insightful conversations an impressive lineup of forward-thinking experts with proven track records of success. Listeners will gain a unique perspective on the future of the industry and how to achieve and maintain success in an ever-changing industry.