Several of the magazines in Shield Wall Media’s collection have lengthy histories, some even spanning more than 50 years. Our website hosts thousands of articles from our expansive archives (with plans to revamp the site in the near future for easier browsing). We combed through the data of our most frequently read and searched-for web articles in 2020 to find those that are likely to contain the most useful, timeless information. 

We share one article here, with others featured in previous issues. If you have your own set of print archives from the Construction Magazine Network titles, add the Top 10 Articles of 2020 below to your reading list.

1. “Laminated Columns: What Every Post-Frame Builder Should Know,” Frame Building News, June 2015, page 82

2. “Drip Edge: Is It Really Important on a Metal Roof?,” Metal Roofing Magazine, February/March 2020, page 62

3. “Post-Frame Buildings and the International Building Code,” Frame Building News, August 2015, page 20

4. “Going Residential: Market for Post Frame Starts to Build,” Frame Building News, August 2017, page 30

5. “Don’t Get Snowed: Top Four Snow Retention Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them,” Rural Builder, December 2011, page 18

6. “Gutter Opportunities: Size Still Matters—
Two Installers Share Their Thoughts on 5”, 6”, and 7” Gutters,” Special flip section of Metal Roofing Magazine, July 2013, page 4

7. “Special Touches for Horse Barns: Ideas to Spur Your Imagination,” Frame Building News, August 2018, page 24

8. “Are You Ready to Roll Your Own? Metal Roofing Panels, That Is,” Metal Roofing Magazine, June/July 2014, page 26

9. “Gutter Opportunities: Growing Your Gutter Business—
Selling Seamless Gutter and Turning a Profit,” Rural Builder, May 2010, page 49

10. “Sealant: A Critical Step in Metal Roofing,” Rural Builder, March 2015, page 10