We are currently wrapping up the CSI- Annual & Market Report. We are running a little behind (new projects always do) but look for the report to land, free of charge, in your mailbox in late May or early June.

One of the hallmarks of our magazines is we make sure to include good news. The future of metal roofing appears to fall into that category. 

2024 is looking to be a good year. Single Family Residential and Multi Family Residential both predict gross sales going up. For both, over 22% anticipate sales being up by 25% or more according to our survey.

In some market segments this increase in gross sales is not accompanied by a corresponding increase in net profit. The metal roofing market bucks this trend and is showing an increase in profitability from 2022 to 2023 and then again from 2023 to predictions for 2024.

Look for a more detailed look in the CSI–Annual and Market Report mailing to you in Q2. MR