By MR Staff

Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) has named a re-roofing project, featuring Boral Steel stone coated metal and installed by Full Service Roofing & Remodeling, as the winner of its Best Metal Roofing Project competition for third quarter of 2021.

Located in Quincy, Ill., the award-winning metal roof was installed on the 3,500 square-foot home this spring after the home’s original asphalt roof failed prematurely. The lightweight but exceptionally strong new metal roof was able to be installed right over the top of the old roof, saving on tear off costs and increasing the home’s energy efficiency. 

Given the home’s location on a golf course, there also was a need to make sure the roofing material was durable enough to withstand damage against potential errant golf shots. Boral Steel PINE-CREST Shake with a stone coated finish was selected for its stunning traditional appearance and great performance capabilities. The roof offers Class-4 hail impact and hurricane wind uplift resistance, best-in-class fire resistance and is exceptionally long lasting, with a transferable 50-year limited warranty.

Quality installation also set the project apart. The old roof had failed after just 12 years due in part to a sub-par installation job. Many of the flimsy asphalt shingles had detached, sliding all the way off which put the structural integrity of the home in jeopardy. Full Service Roofing & Remodeling made sure the new metal roof was installed correctly, paying close attention to small details such as the ridge cap along the rakes and the dormers, which add greatly to the home’s curb appeal and will ensure outstanding performance for decades.

“We love installing roofs that allow customers to have a cosmetically-appealing roof that stands out from similar homes in a subdivision setting, while still providing the durability of metal for many years to come,” said Kevin Phillips of Full Service Roofing & Remodeling. MR