Leading the Charge with AppliCad’s Roof Wizard: The Ultimate Metal Roofing Estimation Software

AppliCad’s ground-breaking journey began over three decades ago as the pioneer in 3D CAD-based estimation tools for the metal roofing industry. Our innovations empowered roofing professionals to precisely model roof structures and accurately apply material simulations. As the industry evolved, so did our solutions. We devised sophisticated algorithms to optimize offcut material, mirroring the resourcefulness of skilled roofers.

Our advancements led to the creation of a cohesive ‘map’ – a detailed panel layout accompanied by a comprehensive cutting list, synchronizing the workflow of all parties involved. Further enhancing precision and productivity, AppliCad introduced a revolutionary system capable of relaying cutting lists directly to roll-forming machine controllers. This integration streamlines processes, minimizing errors, and ensures each piece is clearly marked for its specific placement. This methodology has bolstered efficiency in production and on-site application for over two decades.

The Roof Wizard software is AppliCad’s flagship offering, embodying the most extensive suite of tools available for metal roofing estimators and quantity surveyors globally. This comprehensive toolkit delivers unrivaled accuracy and efficiency, enabling professionals to swiftly compile detailed job estimations, including labor, material costs, and production documentation. Skilled users of Roof Wizard can adeptly handle between 10 to 15 residential estimations daily.

At AppliCad, we take pride in our continuous innovation, expanding our software’s capabilities to address the complexities of roofing and siding estimations. Our commitment is to ensure that our partners in the roofing industry are equipped with the finest tools to excel in their craft. Roof Wizard Version 11 is available now. MOH