AceClamp® is a U.S.-based manufacturer of fast-installing, precision-engineered snow retention and solar mounting solutions. 

Compatible with almost any roof type, including metal, membrane, slate, and asphalt, our patented, non-penetrating “slide-pin” clamp design eliminates the need for set screws. This unique design protects the metal roofing panel’s finish from installation damage and therefore preserves the warranty. 

Our “Snap-In” ice flags for our snow retention product line install “in a snap” and help prevent ice from sliding off the metal roof. If you’re familiar with our popular Color Snap® snow rail system, you should see our new heavy-duty, commercial-grade snow retention system: Snow Titan™. It’s our most robust and straightforward snap-together snow retention system on the market. 

For solar mounting needs, our latest innovation in solar racking is Solar Snap™. Solar Snap uses the already familiar and trusted Ace clamps, making assembly a breeze—just Snap, Slide, and Secure®. Our factory-assembled clamps save you time on the job site. 

Simplify inventory with one set of clamps for all your seams, whether you’re installing snow retention or solar. Make the switch to AceClamp.

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