METALCON Announces 2023 Top Product Award Winners

by Karen Knapstein

METALCON, the only global event dedicated exclusively to the application of metal in design and construction, announces the METALCON Top Products Award winners.  

This year’s exhibitors were invited to nominate their top metal products in one of 15 product categories. To be eligible for consideration, a product must have been introduced to the market after Jan. 1, 2022, and its manufacturer must be a 2023 METALCON exhibiting company. Winners were determined by an electronic vote.    

The 2023 METALCON Top Products Award winners are: 

Accessories: S-5! – PVKIT HUR 

The S-5! PVKIT HUR is the newest version of the PVKIT solar mounting attachment for metal roofs. It is specifically designed to withstand extremely high wind uplift forces such as hurricane-force winds and is the first metal roof PV mounting system certified to FM4478, FM Approval’s toughest PV Standard. It was tested and certified along with Butler’s MR24 standing seam roof and JA Solar’s module up to 105 pounds per square foot uplift forces and has passed many other stringent tests required for FM4478. 

METALCON 2023 Top Product Award Winner: Accessories: S-5! – PVKIT HUR

Contractor Tools & Equipment: Wood’s Powr-Grip – MTEX-DC3 Vacuum Lifter for Insulated Metal Panels 

The WPG MTEX-DC3 Vacuum Lifter allows for the safe and efficient installation of oversized and regular insulated metal panels. It allows installers to reconfigure the pad-frame tubes tool-free for either a vertical or horizontal panel project with a load capacity of up to 1200 pounds and panel lengths of up to 50 feet. Available in two versions, an “entry-level” 4-pad model (600-lb load capacity) and an 8-pad version (1200-lb capacity). 

Wood's Powr-Grip - MTEX-DC3 Vacuum Lifter
METALCON 2023 Top Products Award Winner: Contractor Tools & Equipment: Wood’s Powr-Grip – MTEX-DC3 Vacuum Lifter for Insulated Metal Panels

Insulation & Weather Barriers: PAC-CLAD – PAC-CLAD HT 

PAC-CLAD HT high-temperature, self-adhering roof underlayment, is designed to provide premium waterproofing protection for a variety of roofing applications. This strong, 40-mil, skid-resistant, high-tensile-strength rubberized asphalt membrane is designed to withstand temperatures up to 250°F and is available in either black or white. It will not crack, dry out or become brittle, even under the most extreme weather conditions, resulting in permanent protection and low lifecycle costs. 

PAC-CLAD HT underlayment
METALCON 2023 Top Products Award Winner: Insulation & Weather Barriers: PAC-CLAD – PAC-CLAD HT underlayment

Paint & Coatings: Chemcoaters – FeGuard 

FeGuard is an innovative thin-film, corrosion-inhibiting coating, specifically designed for use on hot-rolled (P&O) and cold-rolled steel substrates. It offers an alternative to galvanized coatings, with performance properties to match. FeGuard’s corrosion-inhibiting package provides a clear, high-gloss finish that allows the brightness of the underlying metal to shine through, while simultaneously slowing corrosive forces that might otherwise affect the part’s useful lifetime. 

Chemcoaters - FeGuard
METALCON 2023 Top Products Award Winner: Paint & Coatings: Chemcoaters – FeGuard

Roll-Forming Equipment: CIDAN Machinery Group – XTap & XSpace 

The XTAP feature revolutionizes conical bending, allowing automatic angled positioning of back gauge fingers with the ProLink control system, ensuring seamless production of gutters and copings, perfect for high-speed manufacturing. For challenging profiles, the XSPACE offers flexibility and convenience. Recessed beneath the bending point, it provides 15mm of additional space, enabling secure folding of hat channels, gutters, and high-pitch drip edge profiles. Equipped with crowning, it guarantees zero angle deviations for long profiles, ensuring precise and consistent folds. The XSPACE handles complex geometries effortlessly, providing safe and accurate results. Compatible with F-, FS- or FX-Series machines.

CIDAN Machinery Group - XTap & XSpace
METALCON 2023 Top Products Award Winner: Rollforming Equipment: CIDAN Machinery Group – XTap & XSpace

Roofs: Isaiah Industries, Inc. – Anodized Aluminum Oxford Shingle 

Together with Lorin Industries, Isaih Industries introduces the Anodized Aluminum Oxford Shingle. Each panel is anodized, resulting in an incredibly durable protective finish with dozens of possible colors and textures. According to Lorin, anodizing is “an electrochemical process where we grow the anodic layer from the base aluminum.” This newly formed protective layer seals the metal from the elements, improving corrosion resistance and longevity in roofing applications. The new finish, combined with Oxford Shingle’s interlocking panels and hidden fastener system, is a bold new step for residential metal roofing.

Isaiah Industries, Inc. Anodized Aluminum Oxford Shingle
METALCON 2023 Top Products Award Winner: Roofs: Isaiah Industries, Inc. – Anodized Aluminum Oxford Shingle

Technology: MetalCoffeeShop – MetalTalk™ 

MetalTalk™ is a webinar series that delivers in the Read, Listen or Watch (RLW) format with content being presented to RLW; the only event in the metal construction offering all three platforms. MetalTalk features industry thought leaders, including progressive manufacturers, technology and more. 

WallsSteel Dynamics, Flat Rolled Group – Tru>Steel HD 

Tru>Steel HD is the first and only continuously digital printed steel available in North America, using real wood images that are printed on coils of Galvalume or Galvanized and rollformed into various panels, providing the beauty of wood with the durability and ease of installation of steel. While there have been prints in the past, the image would repeat every 28-30 inches. With Tru>Steel HD, the images actually look like real wood and do not repeat for up to 32 feet. This groundbreaking technology has grown and is now used for building siding, interior applications, garage doors and more.

Steel Dynamics Tru>Steel HD
METALCON 2023 Top Products Award Winner: Walls: Steel Dynamics, Flat Rolled Group – Tru>Steel HD

Other: Accurate Perforating – The Essential Partition 

Starting with high-quality galvanized steel that is formed and punched to provide a unique look to any outdoor space, the Essential Partition offers the same flexibility as the original SelectSpace line at a lower price. It features a sleek black finish that provides a contemporary touch and blends seamlessly into any restaurant’s decor. Each panel quickly connects to base plates that allow you to secure it to the ground or leave it as is for maneuverability. The modular fence system is designed to be versatile and easy to install, making it the perfect choice for any restaurant. 

Accurate Perforating - The Essential Partition
METALCON 2023 Top Products Award Winner: Other: Accurate Perforating – The Essential Partition

 “We are pleased to announce the METALCON Top Products Award winners and showcase our industry’s top products and technologies at our show in Las Vegas,” says Judy Geller, METALCON’s Vice President of Tradeshows. “Make sure to stop by their booths to take a look at their newest innovations.” 

Award winners are invited to showcase their top products with special product recognition at their booths in Las Vegas.  Attendees are invited to vote on-site for their top three choice products among the multiple award winners at or via the METALCON mobile app.  The METALCON People’s Choice Top Three award winners will be announced at “The Deck” on Friday, Oct. 20 at 12:30 p.m. 

METALCON 2023 takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Wednesday, Oct. 18 – Friday, Oct. 20, 2023, with pre-show workshops beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 17.  


Established in 1991, METALCON is the only annual tradeshow and conference devoted exclusively to the application of metal in design and construction. Produced by PSMJ Resources, Inc., in partnership with the Metal Construction Association, METALCON’s success is based on a dynamic exhibit hall, extensive educational programs and interactive learning opportunities. This is the event’s sixth time in Las Vegas. 

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