By Karen Knapstein, Managing Editor

You have to admit people in this industry accomplish some pretty amazing things. If you need evidence of the skill and dedication of the professionals growing the popularity (and market share) of metal roofs, you need only flip through this issue. 

You may notice there are quite a few residential roofing projects in this Idea Book. I hope that is an indication of the growing popularity of metal in residential roofing applications. Some of the roofs are quite complicated, while others, though not complicated, are good examples of metal as the best choice in specific applications.

Of special note is the residential re-roof submitted by Reed’s Metals on page 55. While there’s nothing fancy about this
particular roof, it is special. What’s special is the story behind the roof: Reed’s sponsors a “Covering the Community” charitable initiative that awards homeowners in need with a free metal roof. If you or one of your colleagues participate in a charitable or non-profit endeavor to better your community, we’d love to hear about it and share it with our readers! We need to spread more good news in the world.

Building Progress Award

This special edition is the perfect opportunity for me to make a plug for the Shield Wall Media Building Progress Award. In these pages you will see some of your colleagues’ work. If one of these individuals had an influence on the roofing trade, or the building trade in general, I hope you’ll consider nominating them for the annual Building Progress Award. You only need to fill out a simple nomination form, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once vetted, we’ll contact the nominees and write a professional profile, which will be published in our magazines before the winner is selected. As you may recall, the Building Progress Award replaced the Metal Roofing Hall of Fame and the Rural Builder Hall of Fame awards. (Past Hall of Fame award winners are also eligible to receive this new award.) It’s a wonderful way to honor those long-standing tradespeople who have had a positive and pronounced impact on the construction industry. In this edition, you’ll find the nomination form on page 53. For your convenience, we’ll continue to publish it and an overview of the program, as space allows.

I’d like to close this note by expressing my thanks to everyone who participated and sent in metal roofing projects for this special edition. You all had a hand in making this volume what it is. 

Keep in mind that we publish a Project of the Month in every edition. If your project was not selected for publication in this issue, it may be published in a future edition as a Project of the Month. We accept project information year ’round, so don’t hold back … send us those projects as you complete them. MR 

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