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METAL of HONOR: It’s Time to Vote

by Karen Knapstein

Vote Now! The deadline is January 15!

It’s time to vote for the Metal Roofing Magazine Metal of Honor Awards. Vote now to support the suppliers you’ve come to respect and depend on.

The Metal of Honor awards were created to allow metal roofing installers an opportunity to honor those who help them most by providing quality products and excellent service.

Voting for your favored roofing material manufacturers and suppliers is a great way to show your support and further build relationships – and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

This is the 18th year for the Metal of Honor awards program. Nominees this year are:

ABC Supply Co.


 Advanced Architectural

 AkzoNobel Coatings



 ASC Machine Tools, Inc.

 Atlas Bolt & Screw

 Aztec Washer Company

 The Bradbury Group

 Building Products Development

 Direct Metals Inc.

 Drexel Metals Inc.


 Dynamic Fastener

 East Coast Fasteners

 EDCO Products


 EPDM Coatings

 The Garland Company

 Graber Post

GSSI Sealants

 Hershey’s the Metal Meister


 I-Beam Sliding Doors


 Isaiah Industries

 Kirsch Building Products

 Leland Industries

 Levi’s Building Components

 Logan Stampings

 Malco Products

 Marco Industries

 Maze Nails


 McElroy Metal

 Metal Rollforming Systems

 MFM Building Products

 Midwest Enterprises

 MWI Components


 Owens Corning




 Raytec Manufacturing

 Reed’s Metals

 rFoil Insulation/CoverTech

 Roll Former LLC

 Roof Hugger

 Russian Mining Chemical Company


 Sheffield Metals

 Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings

 Sherwin-Williams Company, Geocel Product Group


 Sno Gem

 ST Fastening Systems

 Swenson Shear

 Triangle Fastener Corp.

 Underlayment Specialties Plus

 Union Corrugating Company


You can vote for up to three nominees. Or, you can write in your own nominees!

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Karen Knapstein
Author: Karen Knapstein

Karen Knapstein has been in publishing since 1997. She is the executive editor at Shield Wall Media and acts as the managing editor of Frame Building News and Garage, Shed and Carport Builder magazines. Karen is a contributing editor to the other Shield Wall Media titles: Rural Builder, Metal Roofing Magazine, Roofing Elements, and Rollforming Magazine. Karen lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joseph, and has a grown daughter, Faye. She can be reached via email at [email protected]

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